Porters five forces from Competency

Write a 4- to to the CEO of the company youve been assessing throughout the course, outlining your plan to create economic, social, and environmental value. In your memo, include the following items:
An executive summary of the memoA summary of the organizations strengths and weaknesses from Competency 1 Assessment, Part 1, and recommendations for converting weaknesses into strengths
A summary of your findings on Porters five forces from Competency 2 Assessment, Part 1
A summary of your findings on the diamond of national advantage from Competency 2 Assessment, Part 2
A summary of your analysis of the firm as a from Part 1 of this assessment ( I will forward within 24 hours)
on your previous work in this course. Include the opportunity identified in Competency 1 Assessment, Part 2,
the move into the country identified in Competency 2 Assessment, Part 2, and any recommended moves toward being a learning organization. Provide a rationale for each recommendation.Cite references to support your assignment

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