The student plan requires participants to discuss the classroom implications of the data, focusing on how this developmental knowledge can inform their instructional choices. Summarize the information you gathered about your student through the observations. The following questions are to be addressed: How will the developmental insights gained from the observations help you to promote learning opportunities for this student? How does the student appear to learn best? How can this inform your teaching approach with this student? What practices might be useful in constructing meaning for this student? How can the student’s abilities be utilized? How might the student’s needs be supported? Create and describe 4 teaching strategies which can support the child’s needs. Refer to the course readings provided. Suggested length for Student Lesson Plan is 2-3 pages; font should be Times New Roman, 12; space between lines 1.5. The paper should be formatted in APA style. All candidates submit their work into Portrait of a Learner. 1. This work should be submitted in one file which includes: SL Plan (2-3 pages with references). It includes a) 5 answers to 5 questions given, b) 4 teaching strategies for supporting the child’s needs created by you on the basis of the three inferences Cognitive OR Socio-emotinal OR Learning OR There should be no confusion with the names of reports (!) 2. That’s how to submit your project: Go to Modules, then to Session 12, click Portrait of a Learner (For Non-matriculated and Second submission for matriculated students) In a new window click Submit Assignment Upload your file Checkmark “I agree to the tool’s End-User License Agreement” Submit Assignment Check a status of your submission in the grade center of the course site Matriculated students make an additional submission of their work into C

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