Pregnancy and Birth Overview Concept

The purpose of this assignmentis to find and critically analyze an academic presentation on a question orissue related to pregnancy and birth.
Find a TED Talk related topregnancy and birth, or pick one of those listed below. Watch the talkcarefully, and take notes as you are watching to capture the specific informationpresented by the speaker and the points made. You can choose any talk youlike, as long as it is at least 8 minutes in length and related to pregnancyand birth.
To access the videos below,copy and paste the name of the talk and presenter into a browser search engine(e.g., Google). You can also search for talks at
Reducing Fear of Birth in the U.S. (InaMay Gaskin)
Home or Hospital? Holding the Space forHuman Birth (Saraswathi Vedam)
What Your Momma Never Told You AboutChildbirth (Marianne Ryan)
Who Delivered Your Baby? (AshleyGreenwald Tragash)
In your paper, you are going to present a critical analysis of thecontent of the talk. “Critical analysis” is the process ofbreaking something down into parts.
Before you proceed with your analysis, watch my recorded lecturebelow on critical thinking.
In a cohesive essay, respond toeach of the following question sets:
Paragraph 1:What is the mainquestionorissuethat the talk is about? Define theconcepts(i.e., any psychological or scientific terms) within thequestion. How does this question relate to lifespan development?
What is thepoint of viewof the speaker? You can consider the speakerseducational background, in addition to personal characteristics, such as age,race/ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc. Regarding their educationalbackground, what perspective in how they are looking atthe issue? To answer these questions, read the biographical informationon the website and/or do some on the presenter.
Paragraph 2:Whatinformationis presented in the talk? Summarize the facts, statistics,and in the talk.
Paragraph 3:What is the speakersconclusion (i.e.,inference) to the question/issue? And what are theimplicationsof this conclusion? The inference is the general answer tothe question. Implications are what we should or could do about theissue, given the conclusion drawn.
Paragraph 4:What did you find mostinteresting about the talk, and what will you most likely remember from thetalk? What other questions would you have for this presenter if you couldhave a conversation with them? What else would you like to know about thetopic?
Make sure to use the terms in ablue, bold fontin the instructions above in your paper, and put them inablue,boldfont. In other words,explicitlyidentify the parts of the argument (the “elements of thinking”) inyour analysis.
Include statements like the following:
This talk was on thequestionof. . . .
The mainconceptsare. . . .
The speaker addressed the issue from thepoint of viewof. . . .
The speaker included the followinginformationin the talk.
Based upon this information, the speaker is drawing theinferencethat. . . .
Oneimplicationthat arises from this conclusion is that. . . .
Your papershould be about 2 to 3 pages in length, with 1-inch margins, 12-point font, anddouble spacing. Make sure to carefully proofread your paper, and run botha spell check and a grammar check.
At the end of your paper,include areference. The reference should contain the name of the talk, thename of the presenter, the date the talk was filmed, and the link to the video.

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