Primary and secondary legal sources citation

Construct legal citation using primary and secondary legal sources
Assignment Introduction:
Welcome to ! As a new paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary or researcher at the , you have been assigned to the Think Tank to get you familiar with the different kinds of writing we do here at the firm. Our partners range in their practice areas and are located all across the . Thus, we will have the opportunity to explore different jurisdictions as well as federal law. Once you have completed the LRW Think Tank, you can move into your position here at LRW law firm feeling confident in your foundation of legal writing knowledge.
Here at LRW Firm, we take our writing very seriously. As such, citation must also be at the forefront. We will use the Bluebook formatting as it is the Uniform Style of Legal Citation. Thus, our first assignment in the LRW Think Tank will be to construct a citation resource that you can use throughout your time in LRW Think Tank and in your career. As we have learned in our first weeks together, legal research is based in primary and secondary sources of law. Each source of law will have a specific citation formula. We also explored the importance of jurisdiction and the distinction of our state/territory primary sources and their citation. In order to keep all these citation formulas straight, we will be creating a resource with general source information and citation formulas. The hope is that this can serve as a foundational document on which you continue to add as build your legal knowledge (and notes).
Locate the templates for the Word Document. When we , you may choose any state that you wish. Most select their state of residence, but it is not required.
For the Primary Sources of Law: Identify the Primary Source of Law, give a short explanation of where that law is derived from (23 sentences). Give a federal citation example and a state citation example.
For the Secondary Sources of Law: Select three secondary sources of law. Identify the secondary source, give a short explanation of what the source is and what can be found in it. Give an example of the citation for the secondary source.
Your resource should have a title page and a reference page. The Bluebook citation to the Bluebook itself should be included in the reference page as well as any resources used in defining and describing each source of law. You do not need to repeat the example citations in the reference list.

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