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  This home work in java program 
and this is the question and more details attach in folder and the other materials include it to help find the solution please read the details carefully……….
Write a program to simulate the SML (Simple Machine Language Assembler). Your program must read the instructions from a source file. Prompt the user for a file name, and then read the instruction into an array in memory. The program is to simulate the accumulator, instruction pointer, and instruction register during the execution of the program. Your simulator code should actually execute the assembler commands generating input and output commands. 
Help: Create a Scanner to read a String representing a file name
Then create another Scanner to read a file like Scanner inFile=new Scanner(new File(…))
… should be replaced by the name of the file.
Define an array of 100 integers like int [] memory=new int[100];
Using a loop to load the contents into the array like
int index=0;
index ;
Define a variable representing accumulator
Using a do/while loop to process array inst ….like 
Define two variable representing operator and operand
Loop array memory
find operator code and operand using divide and modulo from each instruction
using switch like
switch (operator){
case 10:
memory[operand]=in.nextInt(); break;

Case 43:


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