Psy 100 week 7 quiz 6

Question 1
________ involves a child being removed from the setting where the child receives positive reinforcement, such as the parents taking away TV viewing for a specified time.
    Passive-aggressive parenting
    Aversive punishment
Question 2
In 2002, the average age for a first marriage was almost ____ years for men and just over ____ years for women.
    21; 19
    23; 21
    25; 22
    27; 25
Question 3
People who live a single lifestyle are inclined to:
    be homosexual.
    fear commitments.
    be too bizarre to develop intimate relationships.
    experience social pressure to marry.
Question 4
In 2002, _______ of U.S. adults had been married at least once by the time they were 55 years old.
    65 percent
    75 percent
    85 percent
    95 percent
Question 5
Launching is the process in which:
    adults accept a multitude of exits and entries into the family system.
    youth move into adulthood and exit their family of origin.
    adults accept the shifting of generational roles.
    two people commit to the new system through marriage and childbearing.
Question 6
Following a divorce, women, on the average, experience:
    a 10 to 20 percent decline in income.
    a 20 to 35 percent decline in income.
    a 35 to 50 percent decline in income.
    very little decline in income, while men experience a significant decline due to paying child support.
Question 7
The belief that marital satisfaction will decrease after the children leave the house is called the:
    empty nest syndrome.
    bare cupboard syndrome.
    dysfunctional parenting syndrome.
    empty love coupling.
Question 8
Marriage therapists believe that many unfulfilling marriages are due to:
    the couple having too many financial worries.
    the couple having unrealistic expectations.
    one of the couple having an undiagnosed mental disorder.
    the pressures of childrearing.
Question 9
Most parents launch their children about _____ years before their retirement.
Question 10
On the average, a first marriage in the U.S. lasts for approximately ____ years.

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