Psychological Disorder From Cultural Perspective

Many indigenous methods of healing differ from Western notionsof healing. Indigenous healing is a culture-specific intervention, whichis indigenously developed to treat the native people. Naikan therapy isa type of indigenous healing, which was created and promoted by IshinYoshimoto. In 1953, Yoshimoto established the first Naikan center inYamato Koriyama, Nara, Japan. Naikan means introspection. Nai means inner or inside and kan means looking. Therefore, Naikanliterally means looking inside or looking within. It involves a processof continuous meditation based upon highly structured instruction inself-observation and self-reflection, and its purposes areself-discovery and self-renewal. In Naikan, we explore our past usingthe following three themes:

What we received from others.
What we did for others.
The troubles we caused others.

In your paper, answer the following:

Describe the similarities and differences between indigenous healing methods, such as Naikan therapy, and Western psychotherapy.
Whatpsychological theories (such as cognitive, behavioral,psychoanalytical, et cetera) apply to interpreting indigenous healingtechniques?
How effective are indigenous healing methods? Present research findings from scholarly literature to support your answer.
Describehow someone seeking treatment for mental disorders is viewed bysociety. Support your answer with information from professional orscholarly sources.

You may choose to use the template providedin the resources for this paper.Your paper should be between 4–6 pagesin length, formatted as per APA guidelines. Include a minimum of threescholarly sources within your paper to support the assertions made.

Note: The running head is an abbreviated title of the paper. The running head is located at the top of pages of a manuscript or published article to identify the article for readers. The running head should be a maximum of 50 characters, counting letters, punctuation, and spaces between words. The words “Running head” is on the cover page but not on the rest of the document. The running head title is all CAPS. Page 1 begins on the cover page. The entire document should be double-spaced, have 1″ margins on all sides, and use 12-point, Times New Roman font.

The italicized information in this paper is informational. After reading the information, please delete it, and use the paper as a template for your own paper. Edit the black writing with your own information for your paper to keep the correct format. Save this Template in a file for future use and information.

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