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This should be 3 or more lengthy paragraphs long. I have attached chapter 2.
No plargism.
Choose one of  these studies to review.  Be sure to put the name of the study in the Title  for us.  Thanks!  Dr. L.
Be sure to review the list of ethical principles that psychologists follow when using human participants so that you can address the ethics of these studies. (Ch 2, Psychological Science, Sec 2.1 or page 12)
Milgram: Obedience to Authority
 In psychology there are certain studies that are classic. You can’t escape an introduction to psychology course without knowing about certain individuals, i.e., Freud, or certain studies such as this one and the Stanford Prison Study (next topic).
Your textbook in the chapter on “Social Psychology” (starting on page 39, Ch 14) discusses Stanley Milgram’s famous social psychology experiment, Obedience to Authority.
Here is a video clip that contains some of the original footage of Milgram’s experiment.
For this assignment, please answer the following four questions…..
1) What did Milgram find out? 
2) What were the ethical implications (see the APA ethical requirements in the e-Readings “Psychological Science”? 
3) How can Milgram’s findings be applied? 
4) Any comments/impressions about this research?
The Stanford Prison Study
This study by Phillip Zimbardo is another classic study that all psychology students should know.
To see Zimbardo explain a little about the experiment watch this trailer: (2 min)
However, for some original footage of the experiment itself go to this website  (Class, note that some of this footage is very disturbing, and you do not have to watch this video if it disturbs you.  Instead, read the next article below) (14 minutes)
Forty years later, the participants in the Zimbardo experiment are interviewed and reflect on the experiment:
Answer the following questions:
What happened?
What did you learn?
Were you surprised at the results of the study?
Was the study ethical?  Should this study have been conducted?
Does Zimbardo’s study apply to the Abu Ghraib Prison (answer optional for this one)?

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