Psychology Discussion 59

*At the beginning of Chapter 4, particularly if you viewed the accompanying Power Point, you learned that consciousness refers to our awareness of everything we could possibly be aware of any any moment internal and external, and the defining characteristics of consciousness as being unity, selectivity, intentionality, and transience. You also learned about altered and enhanced states of consciousness such as sleep, dreaming, hypnosis, and consciousness affected by psychoactive substances. Despite the altered states and different levels of awareness, those four characteristics still apply:
Unity–you have one consciousness that hates to be divided. You can’t really split your awareness. You can’t be aware of what is going on in a dream and also what is going on in the waking world around you at the same time.
Selectivity–because there is so much we could be potentially aware of at any given moment, we get to choose, or select what to focus on, and as you saw in the videos that accompany this module, sometimes something could be right in front of you, but if that is not where your attention is, you will not be consciously aware of it.
Intentionality–you are always aware of something. Even if deeply asleep or under anesthesia, your mind is never totally blank. It always is aware of something,even if it is just a vague, fleeting thought.
Transience–what you are aware of is constantly changing moment to moment. It never stays still.

Choose one of the altered or enhanced states of consciousness (e.g. sleeping, dreaming, hypnosis, psychoactive substances). Using the appropriate terminology and 4 defining characteristics of consciousness, briefly discuss what characteristic(s) of consciousness are being altered or enhanced and how.

(((((200-230 words)))))

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