Questions To Be Answered 7

Question 1
In the states of florida, each school board in each district inclusive of public and private schools require each child entering kindergarten to present certificate of school entry of health examination performed within one year of enrollment in the said school.
We disagree with allow religious beliefs as an exemption to the well-being of the community at large. In order to sustain 94% or higher HERD community religious exemption should not be considered for the threat of communicable disease resurgence of once thought to be eradicated disease such as measles outbreak in 2019.
Referring to the law above discuss the following
State findings,
The cost of policy change is expected to entail,
Source of funding to implement and maintain said policy change
Question 2
Corona preparedness and response supplemental appropriations act 2020.
Discuss the following using the law Corona preparedness and response supplemental appropriations act 2020
Proposed change of the law
Testing in other countries
How testing affect uninsured popupation

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