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Reflect again on the scenario presented in this module’s introduction. How might Sabrina’s feelings be similar to your own when you first started to review Connor Street’s evaluation data? What additional information might have been helpful to have as you tried to use the data to determine program quality?Effective communication of evaluation results is crucial to maintaining stakeholder engagement. Furthermore, respectfully connecting the data to each stakeholder’s prior understanding, as well as their interests and needs, helps to build a shared vision for the program. It also boosts morale and confidence toward data-driven change.In this Discussion, you explore how to engage stakeholders in understanding and then acting upon program evaluations.To prepareReview the Community Tool Box resources which explore best practices for communicating with stakeholders. As a leader, consider how you might use these best practices to first promote understanding of evaluation results and to second, adopt change which is driven by evaluation results“96% of our customers have reported a 90% and above score. You might want to place an order with us.”

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