Relationship between the Forest and Power

Relationshipbetween the Forest and Power
Thepower of the forest gives the village its status. As a result, much respect wasgiven to the forest. The narrator used carefully selected imagery in describinghow the power supports the village. They say that it is not what who you arethat makes the world respect you, but what power it is that stands behind you.Therefore, the forest stood behind the village to give it the power that madeit the center of the kingdom.
Itis the power of the forest that made the village dark and sweet to taste. Theuse of this adjective makes the reader understand that the forest contained apower that gave meaning to the village. The kingdom is given life by thevillage, which is powered by the forest. In the heart of the kingdom The metaphordescribing the village as the heart of the kingdom shows the importance ofthe forest.
Theforest affects the village and the entire world. It is said that the storieswill have the ability to come to life in the future. This signified that theforest’s spiritual authority is far more than what the people imagined and itcontinues growing so that in the future, the stories will have life.
Thespiritual significance of the forest is more significant than what thevillagers imagine. The adjective describing the children having a supernaturalability to communicate with the forest as gifted shows the supernatural powerof the trees. The gifted children hear the trees singing.
Thesongs are further described as charmed, meaning that they are more spiritualthan the interpretation of the natural human being. The charm implies that themelodies could change many aspects of people’s lives and the environment. Thisis why the inhabitants of the village are said to have magic dreams. Thedreams are made real by the settlement of the people in the village. The imagerydescribing the huts means that the settlement was due to the power of theforest. The imagery oasis describes the size of the settlement and theirdependency on the forest.
Thepower of the forest is manifested by the good things found in it, for itsupplies the village with water. Four rivers join in the forest. Rivers are arepresentation of life, and they surround the village but within the forest.The forest leaves the village looking like a circle, which is described asmagnificent.
Theshrine was also present in the village, but it does not bear the spiritualpower that the forest has. The shrine house was placed at the edge of thevillage, opening the outside world. The buildings were so unique that thepalace was built at the center, for it was where the power of the forest wasfelt.
Themagic and enchantment inside the forest made it the center of spiritualconnection. The shrine house does not play the role of spiritual power becausethe forest empowers everything around the village. The association of the moonand the trees proved that there was an extraordinary power in the forest.During a full moon, the trees whispered stories.
Creationis also associated with the forest because the activities inside it are linkedto the beginning of creation. “On certain nights, when the moon was fulland white like the perfect egg at the beginning of creation The forest isconnected with the creation and existed from the beginning. The moon is alsodescribed as white like ‘the perfect egg,’ implying that the entireconnection is holy.
The forest was anunknown god to the villagers and was powerful such that the power could onlybe compared to the mythologies that were described as immeasurable. The the forest because they feared the power was too much forthem to experience. More so, the power is portrayed as ‘unpredictable,’implying that no one could become used to such an experience. Therefore, theforest is said to be the god of the people and has existed since the creationof the universe. The forest is connected with the power behind the creation andis where the god of the universe resides

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