Reliability Of Eyewitness Testimony In Court

Should Eyewitness Testimony be accepted as Reliable Evidence in Court?Students NameInstitutional AffiliationCourse NameDate
Should Eyewitness Testimony be accepted as Reliable Evidence in Court?Introduction: Eyewitness testimony has been a critical component of the criminal justice system; throughout historyWhen eyewitnesses confidently identify a suspect and state that the suspect is the individual they saw committing a crime, many jurors tend to believe them.Thesis: The purpose of this paper is to look at the controversy of eyewitness testimony and state my stance on the controversy.BodyParagraph 1Topic Sentence: Some researchers and legal specialists argue that eyewitness testimony is reliable.Detail 1: The police must be careful how they extract and respond to eyewitnesses information. Wixted, Mickes

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