Research Project (1)

The topic can be anything related to auditing – for example; auditing in a specific industry or possible impact of SOX on industry, now that it has been around for a while.
Your paper will be 7 to 10 pages long (not including title or reference pages) and will require a minimum of 3 professional references (information from your text cannot be counted as one of the references). Also, Wikipedia is not a professional reference and should not be used except for information that you will verify with other sources. The paper must be submitted using the APA writing style. If you are unsure how to use those styles, please locate a reference book or resource offered by the University to become familiar with the style. The course topic (and outline to be submitted in a later unit) is required prior to submission of your final paper rough draft (meaning, get them in on time). Failure to do so will result in grade reductions. The project (all assignments inclusive) is counted to your grade as posted in the course syllabus. Deliverables required for this paper are as follows: Unit 6: Final paper due Reference the Individual Focus Paper Rubric in your Syllabus for grading information.
Due 09/12 Submit your Annotated Bibliography of the three sources you plan to use for your project. You will find the details of this assignment listed under Content, Unit 2.
Due 9/19 Submit your outline for the final paper. Include a preliminary list of professional references that you will be using as source documents. Wikipedia is not considered a professional resource and should not be used. The reference list should be in appropriate APA format.
Due 9/26 A rough draft of paper is due which should be 7-10 pages in length.
Due 10/03 Work on the Final Draft of paper is due in Unit 6
Due 10/10 Final Paper

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