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One of the biggest challenges in presenting research is brevity. While dissertation writers have the luxury of unlimited space to detail all steps taken in a research study, oftentimes, scholarly journals have space and length limitations that force scholars to decide which details and/or steps taken to exclude. The question, then, is what step or component would be a more logical candidate for exclusion in a journal article, and conversely, what steps or components would be crucial to include in the article?
For this discussion, review the attached Chaudhuri and Bartlett’s 2014 article, “The Relationship Between Training Outsourcing and Employee Commitment to Organization,” and also refer to the attached Exhibit 19-2, “Research Report Sections and Their Order of Inclusion,” in your text. Discuss what components listed in Exhibit 19-2 for technical reports are missing (if any) from the Chaudhuri and Bartlett article. If you were the editor of the journal to which Chaudhuri and Bartlett submitted their manuscript and could only publish it if it were shorter, which components would you likely recommend they exclude to meet your journal’s space and length requirements?
Provide 1 and Half page (Cover and references pages excluded)

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