Respond To 2 Classmates Posts For Collaboration And Managing People Course

TO: Tim O’Connell
FROM: Adam Harless
RE: Hybara Project
DATE: September 19, 2017
Good afternoon. I’ve been reading over your current dilemma and thinking about what Hybara Casino is asking and what you have to work with. First of all let me say that I feel you made a wise decision when you chose Kristen to replace Alessandra. I honestly believe that Kristen has the potential to become one of your best managers, but you either need to spend some time working with her or find her a good mentor. As Green et. al (2009) once said, it isn’t our job to produce software, it’s to build a team that can produce software. With that being said, my opinion is that you should choose Alessandra to manage the Hybara project. Kristen needs to be involved as much as possible though – this is a great learning opportunity for her and I believe Alessandra will be a great mentor for her. I would even go so far as to call this Alessandra and Kristen’s project, so that Kristen doesn’t lose face with her employees.
As far as the other employees are concerned, you cannot “make” Grahame and Veronica work during the holidays, especially seeing as how they have already purchased tickets and have made plans for family to come to town and visit. If you choose this route, you could see yourself losing some good employees. Perhaps Alessandra has someone that could also help? But, don’t forget about the other employees – they should be compensated with extra money or benefits for working those additional hours during the holidays. It’s not fair to Kristen or her employees for you to pay Alessandra that much money but expect them to take regular pay for such an enormous undertaking.
When all is said and done, you should congratulate everyone for all of their hard work and accomplishments with the Hybara Casino project. Good company morale is important if you want to keep workers happy.
If you have any other questions or need any extra advice, please let me know.
Adam Harless
Green, S., Shcrage, M., Walker, C.,

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