Risk Management and The Quality of Care

An organization’s administrator received a complaint that the residents were abusing each other at the facility. The situation is becoming chaotic both day and night. Some of the residents share rooms, whereas others go to their peer’s rooms while wandering; others push their peers down in the hallway. These disturbances have placed a burden on staff members, creating staff shortages. There have been cases of resident falls and injuries, resulting in an increase of 50% over the last month. Residents who wandered out of the facility were returned to the facility by the police. The other day, a relative of one of the injured residents reported to the state, demanding an explanation from the facility.
The board of directors is concerned with this trend and requests stringent risk mitigation policies and practices be put in place immediately. In a meeting, the board disclosed that the administration had spent nearly a million dollars settling liability cases, which they are not prepared to do again moving forward.
With the scenario in mind, prepare a risk assessment that addresses the following details:
Discuss the current risk areas in a typical residential care facility.How do these risk areas affect the quality of care and life of the resident population?What quality improvement practices would you adopt to help mitigate some of these risks?Share the housing arrangements that you would put in place to help alleviate some of these problems.Describe how loneliness influences residents’ quality of life.Explain the .Discuss how risk management contributes to .What are the barriers and challenges to risk management in a (LTC) facility?Identify the benefits of addressing these barriers and challenges promptly.

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