Romantic Relationship Quality Discussion

The purpose of this discussionis for you to think critically about factors that relate to relationshipsuccess and failure in midlife.
You willpost an Initial Post by Thursdayof the week,and two Replies byFriday.
Reflect upon the relationshipof a couple you know during their (i.e., 30s 50s). You can choose to reflect upon your parents relationship, aparents relationship with a stepparent, the relationship between an aunt anduncle, etc.
Then, in your Initial Post,address each of the followingsets of questions,in a paragraph for each.In yourresponse,apply specific developmentalconceptsyou learned from the readings and other materials whendescribing your thinking on the issue.
How would you characterize the quality ofthe couples relationship? Do/did they have a good relationship, ora bad relationship? Why was it good or bad? When answeringthese questions, its important to keep the persons anonymous. Usepseudonyms (i.e., made-up names) and dont identify how they are relatedto you.
What could you do to better ensure thatyou will have a good relationship with a significant other during yourmiddle adulthood years? Alternatively, if you are not interested inhaving a , explain why.
Prior to answering thesequestions, take a look at the following website:
The Gottman Institute: A to Relationships
John Gottman is a psychologistwho has spent his career studying why or succeed.This source can give you some ideas, and the associated psychologicalterminology, for explaining your positions on the questions for thisassignment.

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