Schools of Thought Psychology Assignment

Schools of Thought Psychology Assignment
Schools of Thought Psychology Assignment
1. Jill wants to study the process of thinking. Which fi eld of psychology
should she choose?
(A) Cognitive
(B) Social
(C) Personality
(D) Learning
(E) Perception
2. I believe people choose to live meaningful lives. I share many of the same
beliefs as Carl Rogers. Most important, I believe many people have the
ability to reach self-actualization. Who am I?
(A) Wertheimer
(B) Skinner
(C) Maslow
(D) Terman
(E) Seligman
4. Which of the following psychologists wrote Th e Principles of Psychology?
(A) William James
(B) Wilhelm Wundt
(C) John Watson
(D) Sigmund Freud
(E) Max Wertheimer
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5. Psychology is considered a science mainly because it relies on direct
observation. Which fi eld of psychology supports this?
(A) Behaviorism
(B) Psychodynamic psychology
(C) Social psychology
(D) Cognitive psychology
(E) Structuralism
6. Which of the following best defi nes eclectic psychology?
(A) Th e study of animal instinct
(B) Th e study of child development
(C) Th e study of abnormal behavior
(D) Th e study of a variety of theories within the fi eld
(E) Th e study of the human brain and central nervous system
7. Psychoanalytic psychology focuses mainly on:
(A) Rewards and punishments
(B) Self-esteem and self-actualization
(C) Biology and genetics
(D) Internal confl ict and unconscious desires
(E) Sensation and perception
Schools of Thought Psychology Assignment
8. One major criticism of Ivan Pavlov’s concept of classical conditioning was
(A) It did not take into account voluntary human behavior.
(B) It was unethical to use dogs in a psychology experiment.
(C) It did not take into account involuntary behavior.
(D) Th e fi ndings overlapped with other fi elds of psychology.
(E) It did not relate to human behavior.
9. Which of the following psychologists was a structuralist?
(A) John Watson
(B) Wilhelm Wundt
(C) William James
(D) Max Wertheimer
(E) Sigmund Freud
Schools of Thought ❮ 3
10. Th e use of rewards, punishments, and positive reinforcement is an example
of which fi eld of psychology?
(A) Personality
(B) Behavioral
(C) Social
(D) Cognitive
(E) Psychoanalytic
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