Scientific nursing literature on a subject

To meet the requirements for this assignment, the student must provide an initial response posting to the question/statement and then respond to two student posts. Regarding the initial posting, the student will explore scientific nursing literature on the subject and complete the assigned reading before participating in discussions. A minimum of one peer-reviewed nursing journal articles must be used in the initial post and the post must consist of 250 words or more. Finally, each student must respond to two other students posting on the active topic with a substantive comment of a minimum of 150 words and one peer-reviewed nursing journal reference supporting the position.
In response, each student should:
Identify the point made in the to continue or start a discussion. The student may do this by restating a portion of the discussion message associated with the response but should not use quotes for more than 25% of the response.Make a unique contribution that demonstrates an understanding of the content, consideration of the other persons position about the topic, and stimulate further discussion by the group with in-depth responses., cite the of the literature that provides the basis of the responses. Course level work is scholarly work and conclusions or observations that the student makes about a topic should be supported from literature. Avoid making belief, I think statements or alone. Those are different from established knowledge or expert opinion statements.Extend discussion into another relevant area whenever possible by adding new and current information found in the reading.Discussion Topic
RaDonda Vaught, a registered nurse, was convicted on charges of and abuse of an impaired adult. Knowing that med errors are supposed to be teachable moments, not punitive, take a second to look at this current event. Discuss the ethical principal of accountability in the individual nurse and the profession of nursing.

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