Skilled Nurse Leaders as Advocates Study

Nurse Leaders as advocates
Nurse leaders are highly skilled nursing professionals who ensurethat top-quality healthcare is available. For this to be achieved, nurseleaders must use their power to ensure that positive changes are brought to thenursing profession since, without nurses, high-quality healthcare cannot beachieved. Many health organizations have undergone budget cuts that preventthem from providing nurses with adequate training and equipment in recenttimes. This was emphasized during the COVID-19 pandemic when nurses across the to the deadly disease. Consequently, nurse leaders fromacross the country were invited to the State House to share the needs of nursesduring the pandemic (., 2021). In this instance, nurse leadersadvocated for nurses by ensuring access to best practices for caring forpatients with COVID-19.
Advocacy is part of the job description of a nurse leader. They arethe bridge between nurses and health organizations as the plight of nurses isoften overlooked by the healthcare organizations that need nurses to performtheir jobs. Nursing is a , and nurses often facehardships. However, Healthcare organizations still demand that nurses fulfilltheir roles no matter the implications. Since nurses cannot communicatedirectly to the organizations, nurse leaders bridge this gap. Asintermediaries, they enable the nurses voices to be heard and their problemsresolved through engaging in efforts that influence policy changes (Waddell etal., 2017). Advocacy also demands that nurse leaders participate in healthcarepolicy changes through professional credibility. Many nurse leaders are alsopassionate about policy changes to the nursing profession and building trustingand passionate relationships with employees (., 2017). As such,employees can work in a positive work environment that ensures their wellbeing.

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