Social Strategy Write Up

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29 Apr, 09:56 PM (-2d 12h)
1 page (550 words)
Single spaced
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Other (See paper instructions) Possible checklist Undergraduate (yrs. 3-4)
Business Studies
Social Strategy Write Up
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Not applicable
Paper instructions:
Detailed instructions in power points attached. Need to use Canva for this assignment.
I’ll upload a class video that went over the instruction asap.
You will pick a company, from an
assigned industry, and then construct
an original HR handout on one of the
company’s eco-actions.
• The handout must be visually
appealing and informative.
• Provide evidence on why the eco-
action is appealing to young, climate
-anxious workers.
• Remember that the climate-anxious
employee will want to see
substance, not something that is
Create a one page, visually-appealing, employee recruiting handout in Canva (you must
choose poster setting).
• The handout must highlight one significant eco-action undertaken by your company.
• The handout must give evidence that your company is not just greenwashing.
• The handout must be effective in attracting

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