Stage four pressure Ulcer discussion

Textbook Pathophysiology and Presentation
PatientsPathophysiology and Presentation
Localized skin/tissue injuryover bony prominence. Results from shear, pressure or a combination ofboth.
Commonpresenting signs and symptoms
Full thickness loss ofunderlying tissues such as bones, tendons or muscles.
Slough or eschar may beobserved.
Tunnelling and undermining arealso common.
CommonFindings on Diagnostic Tests (laboratory, radiology, etc)
No adipose in exposed tissues.
Osteomyelitis or osteitis canbe observed.
Exposed tissues are visible ordirectly palpable.
Usual Treatment
Removal of damaged tissues.
The damaged tissues should bedebrided by cutting out the dead tissues.
The wounds should be dressedand cleaned.
Flap surgery should beadministered to cover the wound with skin obtained from other parts of thebody.
fromexperienced care givers.
Special wound care must beprovided by an experienced specialist.
High immobility.
The patient should expect extremediscomfort throughout the recovery journey.
Depression can also occur dueto social isolation.
Complicationsto watch for:
Sepsisdue to infection.
Osteomyelitisor osteitis on exposed bone tissue.
Patientspresenting signs and symptoms
Patientsdiagnostic tests
ExpectedOutcomes for your patient
Complications,if any, for your patient
Pathophysiology and Presentation
Inthis section, discussin your own wordsthe textbook pathophysiology of the primary medical diagnosis for your patientand compare it to your patients presentation. If applicable, discuss why yourpatients presentation differed from the norm. Do NOT write endless paragraphs.The point of this assignment is to synthesize and integrate your knowledge fromthe textbook with your knowledge of your patient.
References (2009, February 14).Products – Data Briefs – Number 14– February 2009. Center for Diseases and Control.
Zulkowski, K. (2014).Wound Classification. Agency forHealthcare Research and Quality.

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