STEM Alternative Assessment

Part 1: STEM Alternative Assessment
For this assignment, research various assessment tools and choose two STEM-related content standards to include science, technology, engineering, or math.
Use the “Alternative Assessment” template to create an alternative assessment that is project-based or involves creating a digital presentation that students will present. Your assessment must include the assignment specifications, description, and use one form of technology.
Your alternative assessment should include:
Two STEM Standards
Learning Objective(s)
Title, description, and instructions of the alternative assessment
Utilize the “Class Profile” in order to differentiate assessment to meet the diverse learning needs for three different students
Part 2: Reflection
In 250 words, summarize and reflect on the process of creating an alternative assessment in STEM. Why is it important to create alternative assessments that are not document and pencil tests? Explain the significance of integrating the real-world aspect into an alternative assessment. How does this create relevancy to students?

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