Strategic leadership and management

1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Introduction (A brief introduction to the chosen organization including nature of the business, its vision, mission and values, and its business objectives)3. and Management Theories3.1 Highlighted Leadership and Management Theories (a critical examination of two (2) seminal and two (2) to strategic leadership and management.)3. and Management and the Organization (a critical discussion of the relationship between the organization and strategic leadership and management.)3.3 The Current Landscape and Its Challenges (an assessment of the contemporary contexts and challenges that strategic leaders and managers face.)3.4 The Strategic Leader and Manager and Competitive Advantage (a critical evaluation of the role that strategic leaders and managers face in creating and sustaining a companys competitive advantage.)4.0 Leaders and Managers and the Importance of Performance Management5.0 Leaders and Managers and the Call for Greater Diversity and Equality6.0 Leaders and Managers and the Impact of Morals, Ethics, and Organizational Culture on the Leaders and Managers Behaviour7.0 Leaders and Managers and Strategic Change7.1 The Relationship between Organisational Strategy and Change7.2 A Critical Evaluation of Change as Process and as Concept7.3 A Critical Discussion on the Current and Emerging Approaches to Change Implementation8.0 Synthesis: The Qualities of an Effective Leader and Manager9.0 Application and Personal Reflection9.1 A critical assessment of ones own traits, qualities, skills, and to strategic leadership and management.9.2 A set of justified recommendations for developing your own strategic skills and behaviors.
ReferencesAll work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system.You are strongly encouraged to use academic journal articles and textbooks as primary references for your assignment.

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