Strategic Management Analysis Case Essay Finical Analysis And SWOT Analysis

my case title is Starbucks Extension to Chinese market
that’s the request
You must use the American Psychological Association Publication Manual 6.0 as your guide to writing this paper. Use 12 pt. font size, in Times New Roman and double space. The paper should be submitted by 10/11,2017. The paper should be 12-16 pages not include title page and reference page, which translate into 3-4 pages per student. Each student is working on one part of the paper. Make sure the parts of your paper flow logically and smoothly from one to the next. Instead of summarizing the case, using the information in the case to defend your argument. Try to avoid being descriptive, but be analytical.

The Financial analysis (Page: xi)

Profit ratios: measure the efficiency with which the company uses its resources.
Liquidity ratios: a measure of its ability to meet short-term obligations. An asset is deemed liquid if it can be readily converted into cash.
Leverage ratios: A company is said to be highly leveraged if it uses more debt than equity, including stock and retained earnings.
Activity ratios: indicate how effectively a company is managing its assets.
Shareholders’ return ratios: measure the return that shareholders earn from holding stock in the company.

The SWOT analysis

Make a list of the company’s internal strengths and weakness. Some companies might be weak in R

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