Structures and Functions of the Gastrointestinal

Structures and Functions of the Gastrointestinal
Structures and Functions of the Gastrointestinal
1. A nurse is caring for a patient who has an order for a
fleet enema to be self-administered at home the
morning of ambulatory surgery. What is important
for the nurse to teach the patient about this enema?
1. “Insert the tube 6 inches into the rectum to ensure
5. A nurse is to administer a premixed hypertonic disposable enema. The nurse verifies the primary healthcare provider’s order and performs all nursing
interventions necessary before actually administering
the enema. Place the remaining steps of the procedure
in the order in which they should be implemented.
*: ae ree ; ae S fe Don clean gloves.
WH 2 ie ah ve Pees ; Pae ble 2Drape the patient with the top sheet so that only the Cee out Sn Ot a
ow 3. “Lay on the right side as the solution is administered fo noseg ine patient in the left se ¥ > ‘ with the right leg flexed.
ne Dest pesulis. : 4, Remove the enema tip from the patient’s 4, se hoie: in the microwave for 1 minute to promote rectum while holding the container in e
comfort. ; the rolled up position.
2. A patient comes to the clinic reporting abdominal 5. Squeeze the enema container, maintaining slow, —
bloating. The primary health-care provider identifies
that the patient has slowed intestinal peristalsis. What
should the nurse encourage the patient to do to minimize abdominal bloating. Select all that apply.
Eat a high-fiber diet.
Increase fluid intake.
Use laxatives sparingly.
Drink prune juice every morning.
Raise the head of the bed 30° when
3. A patient is scheduled for an esophagogastroduodenoscopy. Which is most important to discuss when
teaching the patient about this procedure?
1. Inform the patient that mild bloating and
flatulence is common after the test.
2. Teach that a scope will be inserted via the nose
and into the stomach and duodenum.
3. Instruct the patient to call the primary healthcare provider if vomiting blood occurs after the
4. Explain that drinking a small amount of water
after awakening from the anesthesia is considered
Structures and Functions of the Gastrointestinal
4. A nurse is caring for a patient who was admitted to
the hospital and is scheduled for surgery in the morning due-to a partial intestinal obstruction secondary to
an intestinal mass. For which clinical indicator most
steady pressure from the bottom while rolling it
up until all fluid is delivered.
6. Insert the prelubricated enema tip beyond the
internal sphincter slowly while directing the
enema tip toward the umbilicus.
6. A patient reports a long-term problem with constipation. What should the nurse instruct the patient
to do to help minimize this problem?
1. “Include more bananas in your diet.”
2. “Drink a minimum of one quart of fluid a day.”
3. “Hold your breath when bearing down to have a
bowel movement.”
4. “Attempt to have a bowel movement after drinking
a warm liquid in the morning.”
. A nurse is caring for a patient who was admitted to
the hospital with upper gastrointestinal bleeding. For
which clinical indicator associated with gastrointestinal bleeding should the nurse assess the patient?
1. Pale, clay-colored stool
2. Yellow, greenish stool
3. Hard, dry brown stool
4. Black, tarry stool
. A patient reports frequent episodes of constipation.
Which should the nurse teach the patient to do to
help relieve this problem? Select all that apply.
Ibs Use a prepackaged 4 associated with an intestinal obstruction should the . Pee i a a a
. 2 i.
ae assess the patient? 2. Drink atleast 2 quarts or 1. Light-brown stool : fluid every day. 2. Mucus in the stool ; ‘ iter eal 3, _________ Exercise at least 15 minutes every day. : P 4, Eat fresh vegetables two times a day. 4, Pungent odor to the stool 5, -—s’ Take a laxative three times a week.
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