Supply chain management and evaluation of a merger or acquisition

Supply Chain Management
Select a company of your choice, and calculate the most current days of working capital (DWC) that are available. Review
page 656 in the textbook, and watch the short video segment “Working Capital,” which is one of the required unit resources
in this unit. In addition to your calculations, include the information below 
How does this company’s ratio compare to those of its competitors?
Why is comparing this ratio to the industry average important?
Explain how a well-managed supply chain can come into play here.
Evaluation of a Merger or Acquisition
You will be applying the concepts learned throughout this course to an analysis of a merger or an
acquisition. Much of the information you will need to complete this analysis can be found in the company’s annual report.
You may choose any recent merger or acquisition (within the last 5 years). Using the concepts from this course, you will
analyze the success of the merger or acquisition.
The completed project should include the information listed below.
Provide an introduction to the companies involved in the merger or acquisition. Include the companies’ background
information and the reasons for the merger.
Evaluate the financial statements of both companies (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement).
Evaluate the potential and actual risks that occurred during the merger and what the companies could have done
differently to mitigate these risks.
Discuss the companies’ management of human capital in the merger or acquisition.
Evaluate the soundness of the company’s financial policies after the merger (e.g., capital structure, debt, leverage,
dividend policy, enterprise risk management, and others.) based on the material covered during class.
Include a synopsis of your findings, including your recommendations and rationale for whether the merger or acquisition

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