Sweden’s involvement in the Thirty Years’ War

Sweden’s involvement in the Thirty Years’ War
Sweden’s involvement in the Thirty Years’ War
The Thirty Years’ War
1. Which of these events touched off the Thirty Years’ War in 1618?
(A) the Defenestration of Prague
(B) the election of Ferdinand II as Holy Roman Emperor
(C) the publication of the Letter of Majesty
(D) the passage of the Edict of Restitution
(E) the installation of Frederich Wittelsbach as King of Bohemia
2. Which best explains why France dreaded a possible alliance between Spain
and a united German nation?
(A) Spain and the future Germany would both be strong Catholic
(B) France was geographically between Spain and the future Germany.
(C) Such an alliance would force France to come to terms with England.
(D) Such an alliance would create a balance of power in Europe.
(E) Such an alliance would destroy the balance of power in Europe.
3. Which statement does NOT describe Sweden’s involvement in the Thirty
Years’ War?
(A) It entered the war in order to aid its Protestant allies within
the Holy Roman Empire.
(B) It hoped to gain valuable territory on the Baltic Sea and thus take
control of major trade routes.
(C) It accepted financial and military aid from France.
(D) It had some of the era’s best military leaders and won a number
of crucial battles.
(E) It withdrew from the war and from the world stage when King
Gustav II Adolph was killed in battle.
4. Which of the following best explains why the prospects of German
unification were very dim in 1648?
(A) The Holy Roman Empire was no longer allied with Spain.
(B) Leaders of the Protestant German states could not reconcile
the hostility between their Calvinist and Lutheran subjects.
(C) The German states had suffered tremendous losses during the war.
(D) The emperor refused to consider establishing religious freedom within
the Holy Roman Empire.
(E) Both France and Spain wanted to keep the German states from
forming a strong official union.
Absolute Monarchy in Early Modern Europe ❮ 21
5. The Thirty Years’ War can be accurately described as any of the following
(A) a conflict over religion
(B) a dynastic quarrel between powerful families
(C) a power struggle among nations
(D) a popular uprising in the name of greater political freedom
(E) a grab for strategically and/or economically desirable territory
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