Synthesis of N-(4-Chlorophenyl)maleimide lab report – Nursing Essays Writer

You should have:
PurposeName, Structure, Physical properties, and Hazards of ALL chemicals
Physical properties: MW, mp/bp, density, color, solubility in waterHazards: NFPA codes, LD50, precautions beyond goggles and lab coat (if applicable)
Procedure (left side of page, past tense)Drawings of an unusual, complicated, or new apparatusObservations (right side) of
starting materials, crude products, purified productscolors, state changes, etc… during reactionmasses (starting materials, crude products, purified products etc…)characterization observations (mp/bp)Also any alterations to the procedure
Drawings of TLC plates (to scale, indicate spot colors, indicate visualization method)Results and calculation section
Summary of characterization data:
Experimental mp/bp values
Also list literature values of starting materials, desired products, and any likely side products for comparison
Major peak values and characteristic (broad/sharp strong/weak) from IR with functional group assignmentsPeak shifts, splitting and integration values from 1H NMR
Assign these peaks to the expected product molecule or to common NMR impurities from the bookmark in CC (MUST CITE impurity assignments)
Impurities may be water, acetone, CHCl3 if using CDCl3, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO) if using D6DMSO
Percent yield (actual yield / theoretical yield * 100%)Atom Economy (MW desired product / S MW starting materials * 100%)Effective Mass Yield (EMY) (mass product / mass hazardous reagents * 100%)
Must indicate how you define “hazardous”
E-Factor (mass total waste / mass product)
For EACH STEP make a conclusion if the reaction was successful
What evidence supports that you created the desired product?
Be specific, use ALL of your characterization dataState if there is any conflicting characterization data
Was your reaction efficient?
Use % yield, and Atom Economy
Was your product pure?
If the characterization data suggests there is impurities, is it easy to remove solvent, or is there evidence of some side product that may be harder to remove?
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