Target expanding into China Assignment

Choose 1 country that the organization youve been working on in this course could consider expanding into.Analyze that by considering the 4 aspects of the diamond of national advantage: industry rivalry, demand conditions, related and supporting industries, and factor endowments.
Analyze the forces (in the home market and international market) that will help the organization succeed with its expansion, and the forces that may act as barriers to that expansion. Refer to your analysis of strengths and weaknesses completed in Competency 1 Assessment, Part 1; Part 1 of this assessment; and your analysis of the diamond of national advantage.
Evaluate the 4 adjustments leaders must make when expanding internationally (Burkus, 2012). Recommend 1 specific leadership action for each adjustment, such as developing a global mindset, developing sensitivity to cultural differences, decentralizing, deciding on the level of involvement, etc.
Recommend whether the organization should expand into the chosen country and explain your rationale.
Create a 13- to 14-slide PowerPoint presentation to present your analysisand recommendation. Include the following in your presentation: A cover slide An agenda slide Identification of the country you have chosen (1 slide) 1 slide foranalysis ofeach of the elements of the diamond of national advantage (4 slides) A summaryof analysisof the forces that will help the organization succeed in the new country (1 slide) A summaryof analysisof the forces that will hinder the organizations success in the new country (1 slide) Leadership actions required to make the 4 adjustments identified by Burkus (2012) (1-2 slides) A recommendationand rationale(1 slide) A conclusion slide A references slide Speaker notes to convey the details you would give if you were presentingNote: The slides should contain only essential information and as little text as possible. Do not design a slide presentation made up of .
Cite references to support your assignment.

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