Teamwork lack as a human factor known to impact

learning outcomesAnalyse Interprofessional and collaborative working strategies that may be used to overcome boundaries between professionsEvaluate service delivery in relation to their professional roleApply and evaluate the extent to which their to patient experience
Skills and AttrributesDemonstrate the skills of autonomy and be able to interact effectively in IPC
2000 words /- 10% level 6
introduction -200 wordsAim(s) of the assignmentObjective(s) of assignmentFocus of assignmentShort discussion around Interprofessional education and interprofessional working to demonstrate your understanding of the terms and their importance in today’s health and .
200 words – what is your understanding of teamwork ? what does it involve? is teamwork needed within healthcare delivery?
200 words – What is your understanding of interprofessional collaboration needed within ? Use literature to support your work.
1000 – wordscritical discussionaround the impact of lack of teamwork on interprofessional collaboration.
200 words – your understanding around lack of teamwork ? supported by appropriate and relevant literature (using Uk based lit)
200words- what actual impact does teamwork on patient safety and interprofessional teams in terms of the above.
200 words- What are the effects of teamwork on patient safety and interprofessional collaboration when?.
200 words – What are the potential outcomes for patient safety and interprofessional collaboration when teamwork does not occur?.
200 words- Is non-teamwork ever acceptable in interprofessional collaboration, considering patient safety? Critical discussion around this.
Conculsion – 400 words
Overall review of the ideas and information within your work(no new ideas here)
Briefly reflect on your IPE learning and its impact on your future practice.
Critically discuss and application of how working interprofessional will impact your future practice as a collaborative member and professional.
no new citations and reflection to be done in the third person.
hello, please could it .Journals within the last 5 years and texts (books) within the last 10. No websites please.

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