Template For Producing Reflective Writing

Template for producing ReflectiveWriting
Describe something you havelearned from this module that challenged you
–So:What happened? Describe the key aspects. (@ 10% of your word count)
Decidingon the correct research design to answer my research question was what Ifound to be most challenging during this module. Comfortable with math andstatistical analysis, I was naturally attracted to quantitative design ratherthan qualitative design. The module taught me that research design should beinfluenced by my theoretical standpoint rather than my personal preferences.
Interpret the event or issuedescribed above
–So:How did it make you feel? How does it relate to other things you havelearned? What was it about it that was so challenging? (@30% of your wordcount)
My experiencein the event above was relevant because selecting the most appropriateresearch design is crucial in producing relevant results. Selecting a quantitativeresearch design helped acknowledge the need to consider personal preferencesand weaknesses. For example, I realized that I could use my strengths instatistics if I selected a quantitative research design. Research design canbe related to data collection methods learned in class. For instance, I foundthat quantitative research design is compatible with close-endedquestionnaires and . Selecting an appropriateresearch design was challenging because it had to be related to researchproblems or questions being addressed. Before reaching the final decision, Iperused existing research materials and saw how other scholars decided on thebest research design. From experience, I realized that research design islike a blueprint before researching since it affects the outcome. I alsorealized that one of the reasons people get inconclusive results is becausethey select the wrong research design. Therefore, before reaching the finaldecision, one should consult peers, supervisors, or scholars with experienceon the best method. Comparing my own decision with that of other people wasimportant in determining the strengths and weaknesses of my decision.
Evaluate and learn from whatyou understood and experienced
–So:How does this change my understanding of the issue? How can I use this in thefuture? How have I learned from this challenge? (@30% of your word count)
My experience in selecting the most appropriateresearch design changed my understanding of the issue. For example, Irealized that a research outline could be developed using the mostappropriate research design. For instance, after selecting a quantitativeresearch design, I could picture tables, graphs, and descriptive statistics topresent and analyze the results obtained. If I analyze particular researchobjectives, it can be easier to select the most relevant and effectiveresearch design. Going through the existing literature review gave me ideason the rationale behind the selection of various methods. I learned that Ishould be aware of the implications of the research design selecting beforestarting a project. For example, if I select quantitative research design, Ishould evaluate numerous statistical methods such as simple regression,multiple regression, and generalized linear model. Understanding such methodsensures that I do not change my mind upon realizing that I cannot handlestatistical methods. If I find my preferences are not compatible with thedesign selected, the best approach would be learning about statisticalmethods used. I have learned from this challenge that I can maintainobjectivity by selecting a quantitative research design because it and comparison of variables.
Plan for the future
–So:How will I put this new knowledge into practice in the future? What plan canI put in place to deal with this challenge in the future? (@30% of your wordcount)
In thefuture, I will apply the lessons learned in this module. For instance, whilewriting my dissertation, I will in my field. Suchanalysis would help me in understanding the rationale behind the use ofspecific designs. Reading studies related to the research problem underinvestigation would ensure that I apply a better framework. In the future, Iwill refer to the audience of my research before selecting the researchdesign. For instance, the supervisor’s advice will help me in the futurewhile selecting the most appropriate method. If my research’s audienceincludes conference attendees or journal editors, I will refer to stipulatedguidelines before finalizing the research design. For instance, guidelines oninquiry procedures can be helpful in the future as they are linked to theresearch design selected. In the future, I will such as time and cost before reaching the final decision on the design.Rather than selecting the design, I am comfortable with; I need to focus onthe best design for the research problem and its relevance to my field. Conclusively,the entire experience throughout the module made me a better researcher, andI am ready to conduct studies with credible, consistent, verifiable, andconclusive findings.

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