the begging of black education

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develop a bibliography of 20 printed items on your topic. At least 1. three of these must be dissertations or theses, and at least five must be books or monographs, and articles in professional historical journals. Your bibliography entry must be exactly in the style found in Turabian, using the “notes bibliography” style of citation. 2. Provide 2-3 sentences on each bibliography item describing briefly the content and the scope of the published source. (The scope means the time period and geographic area covered by the study) 3. Provide a two-three page discussion of the “non-published” sources you would use to research this project. (Non-published means sources other than those listed in item 1 above). This must include at least one archival collection related to the topic, as well as other appropriate sources for your study. The nature of your topic will define the types of non-published sources you will use. For this section you need to go into considerable specific detail. For example for an archival collection you must state where the collection is, what the name of the collection, what institution houses the collection, and specific materials in the archive collection you will examine. You must be equally specific about the other “non-published” sources that you list

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