The Cold War and Postwar America

The Cold War and Postwar America
The Cold War and Postwar America
1. The main function of the Office of War Mobilization during the Second
World War was to
(A) create a system of selective service
(B) coordinate government agencies involved in the war eff ort
(C) use the media to stir popular support for the war
(D) ration industrial materials that would be needed for the war eff ort
(E) fi x prices and establish a system for rationing certain consumer goods
2. What was the main function of President Roosevelt’s Executive Order
(A) To force Japanese-Americans into internment camps
(B) To make striking in a wartime industry a crime
(C) To institute a policy of lend lease with Allied powers
(D) To ban discriminatory hiring within the federal government
(E) To ban the sale or shipment of arms to belligerent nations
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The Cold War and Postwar America
3. Which of the following battles is considered to be a turning point in the
Pacifi c Campaign during World War II?
(A) Battle of Guadalcanal
(B) Battle of Iwo Jima
(C) Battle of Leyte Gulf
(D) Battle of Midway
(E) Battle of the Coral Sea
4. What was the Allied strategy in the Second World War?
(A) Th e Allies would focus on defeating the Axis powers in Europe and
then the Pacifi c.
(B) Th e Allies would focus on defeating the Axis powers in the Pacifi c
and then Europe.
(C) Th e Soviet Union would focus on Germany, and the United States
would focus on Japan.
(D) Th e United States would focus on the Pacifi c, while the other Allies
focused on Europe.
(E) Th e Allies would divide their forces, simultaneously attacking in
Europe and the Pacifi c.
5. Th e Allied invasion of Normandy, France, was code-named
(A) Operation Barbarossa
(B) Operation Torch
(C) Operation Overlord
(D) Operation Cartwheel
(E) Operation Quicksilver
The Cold War and Postwar America
6. Th e purpose of the Manhattan Project was to
(A) assassinate Adolf Hitler to hasten the end of the war
(B) develop improved jet technology to gain superiority
(C) develop an atomic bomb
(D) destroy a German espionage ring located in New York City
(E) coordinate an Allied invasion of France
7. President Roosevelt attempted to address racial inequality in government
jobs by creating the
(A) Congress of Racial Equality
(B) Fair Employment Practices Committee
(C) Women’s Army Corps
(D) Offi ce of War Mobilization
(E) braceros
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8. During the Second World War, Tehran, Yalta, and Potsdam were
(A) pivotal military victories for the Allied nations
(B) decisive victories for the Axis powers
(C) sites of Nazi concentration camps
(D) sites of conferences held by the Big Th ree
(E) key beaches during the invasion of Normandy
9. Th e Japanese offi cially surrendered by signing a treaty
(A) on the battleship Missouri
(B) on the island of Okinawa
(C) in the city of Hiroshima
(D) in the city of Tokyo
(E) in the Japanese emperor’s palace
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