The CSR and ESG report paper study

Hi! I am providing the instructions for the project, my section is only material topics and final ESG Rating, ( companies: Samsung, Intel, Apple). Worksheets are provided as well, what I need is a deep analysis of these two sections.
2. Material TopicsDetermine each of the three companys Material Topics, Risks, and Opportunities, and compare and contrast them with the for the Industry, Materiality Maps provided by the rating agency (MSCI), and other Best Practices Material Topics, Risks and Opportunities for the Industry based on research. (WORKSHEET 1) Class 9 ( at least 2 pages)
6. and Explanation/Justification of ScoresProvide a set of 1) Short term (within 6 months), 2) Medium Term (6 months to 3 years) and 3) LongTerm (3 years) for each company that would result in an .( at least 2 pages)

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