The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion

The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion
The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion
1. Which of the following phrases best defines culture?
a. A dominant group within a society
b. A shared system of beliefs, values, and behaviors
c. One’s values are replaced by the values of the dominant culture
d. Categories are based on specific physical characteristics
2. Minority groups living within a dominant culture may
lose the cultural characteristics that made them different. What is this process called?
a. Cultural diversity
b. Cultural imposition
c. Cultural assimilation
d. Ethnocentrism
The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion
3. Which of the following terms is defined as the sense of
identification with a collective cultural group?
a. Ethnicity
b. Race
c. Cultural acquisition
d. Culture shock
The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion
4. A nurse states, “That woman is 78 years old—too old
to learn how to change a dressing.” What is the nurse
a. Cultural imposition
b. Clustering
c. Cultural competency
d. Stereotyping
6. A nurse is interviewing a newly admitted patient. Which
question would be considered culturally sensitive?
a. “Do you think you will be able to eat the food we
have here?”
b. “Do you understand that we can’t prepare special
c. “What types of food do you eat for meals?”
d. “Why can’t you just eat our food while you are
7. What group is the largest subculture of the healthcare
a. Nurses
b. Physicians
c. Social workers
d. Physical therapists
8. A nurse states, “I know I am cleaner than most of my
patients.” What does this statement indicate?
a. Cultural assimilation
b. Racism
c. Ethnocentrism
d. Stereotyping
The Cultural Diversity Of Nursing Discussion
9. A nurse wants to acquire knowledge of a specific
culture. What could be done first?
a. Talk to coworkers
b. Review literature
c. Talk to family members of the patient
d. Ask others with more experience for help
10. Although all of the following are important to culturally
competent nursing care, which one is most basic?
a. Learning another language
b. Having significant information
c. Treating each person as an individual
d. Recognizing the importance of family
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