The Decentralization Of The Holy Roman Empire

The Decentralization Of The Holy Roman Empire
The Decentralization Of The Holy Roman Empire
1. Why was Granada, the last area of Spain to be conquered from the
Moors, finally defeated?
(A) It was geographically vulnerable.
(B) The emirs of Granada refused to pay large ransoms to the King
of Castile.
(C) There was disunity among the Nasrid ruling house.
(D) Granada lost its position as a major trade center.
2. What was the primary force that contributed to the uniting of Spain
after 1492?
(A) the discovery of America
(B) the Inquisition
(C) hatred of the Moors
(D) Hapsburg rule
The Decentralization Of The Holy Roman Empire
3. Which of the following states proved to be the exception to the trend
of centralization?
(A) England
(B) the Holy Roman Empire
(C) France
(D) Spain
4. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the decentralization of
the Holy Roman Empire?
(A) the fact that the emperor was elected
(B) a strong tradition of autonomy of German princes
(C) linguistic diversity within the empire
(D) the Holy Roman Emperor’s preoccupation with struggles with
the pope and others
5. Italy continued to enjoy relative prosperity through the Middle Ages
(A) it had been temporarily conquered by the Muslims
(B) Rome remained a center of learning throughout the Middle
(C) its geographic position enabled merchants to prosper
(D) it was geographically isolated from barbarian invasion
6. The mutinous troops of ________________ shocked Europe by
ransacking Rome in 1527.
(A) Charles V
(B) Louis XII
(C) Henry II
(D) Ferdinand I
7. Charles V was one of a long line of Austrian rulers of the Holy
Roman Empire (1452−1806) from which family?
(A) Hapsburg
(B) Tudor
(C) Valois
(D) Hohenzollern
8. Which of the following contributed the most to Italy’s demise in
general, and Rome’s fall in particular, in 1527?
(A) The decadent culture unleashed by the Renaissance tore at the
moral fiber of Italian society.
(B) The Italian city-states and republics’ inability to unify in the
face of foreign invasion left the country open to conquest.
(C) Italy’s imperial ambitions outstripped the country’s ability to
finance colonial wars.
(D) Papal intrigue with the French, Germans, and Spanish consisted
of a “fifth column” in Italy.
The Decentralization Of The Holy Roman Empire
9. All of the following were methods that monarchs in Russia, France,
and Spain employed to consolidate their rule EXCEPT
(A) promoting ethnic and religious nationalism
(B) breaking the independent power of the nobility
(C) securing control over levying taxes
(D) establishing a close but dominant relationship with the Christian
Church in their lands
10. The major obstacle preventing the growth of monarchies in
southeastern Europe was
(A) the conquest and occupation of that part of Europe by the
Ottoman Turks
(B) the patriarchs of the various Eastern Orthodox Churches worked
to limit the power of monarchs
(C) the low education level of the ruling dynasties
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