The Early Modern Era Discussion Assignment

The Early Modern Era Discussion Assignment
The Early Modern Era Discussion Assignment
1. Which of the following does NOT belong in a list of factors preventing
European powers from establishing anything more than a limited coastal
settlement on the African continent in the period 1450-1750?
(A) Climate
(B) Disease
(C) Impassable rivers
(D) Stiff organized African resistance
(E) Inferior weapons technology
202. Which European power was first to establish large-scale slave-trading
operations on the African continent for the purposes of export to
plantations in the Americas?
(A) Spain
(B) England
(C) Portugal
(D) France
(E) Netherlands
52 >». 500 AP World History Questions to Know by Test Day
In which century did the Atlantic slave trade peak in terms of numbers of
Africans transported?
(A) Fifteenth
(B) Sixteenth
(C) Seventeenth
(D) Eighteenth
(E) Nineteenth
Which trend was most typical in slave-capturing coastal West African
kingdoms, such as Dahomey, which supplied the Atlantic slave trade?
(A) Mass conversion to Christianity
(B) Increasing hierarchy, centralization, and importance of military
capacity including use of firearms
(C) Depopulation as younger generations were shipped away
(D) Industrialization as a result of capital accumulation due to slave trade
(E) Development of representative democracy
The Early Modern Era Discussion Assignment
Which would be the LEAST typical trade transaction along Africa’s
northeast coast in the period 1450-1750?
(A) Ivory exported to India
(B) Gold exported to Persia
(C) Female slaves exported to Arabian peninsula for domestic labor
(D) Female slaves exported to a West Indies sugar plantation
(E) Copies of the Koran imported to coastal towns
The Afrikaners who settled in southern Africa traced their origin back to
which European region?
(A) England
(B) Germany
(C) Netherlands
(D) France
(E) Spain
What is the best way to characterize relations between the British and the
Afrikaners after the British arrived in southern Africa in 1795?
(A) Hostility and complete social segregation
(B) Maintenance of Afrikaner political supremacy
(C) Britain gains formal possession of the colony, but conflict persists
with Afrikaners over land and expansion
(D) Complete unity in the face of superior African military strength
(E) Negotiated division of southern Africa into British and Afrikaner
spheres of roughly equal size and importance
The Early Modern Era: 1450 to 1750 << 53
Which is most true of the Middle Passage?
(A) It was generally a pleasant voyage.
(B) Mortality on marches to the African coast was higher than mortality
on the ships.
(C) It generally lasted a year or more.
(D) African naval expertise was key to guiding vessels across the Atlantic.
(E) It was not driven by the profit motive.
. In which New World society did the slave population grow mainly
through natural increase and not continued importation?
(A) Haiti
(B) Jamaica
(C) Argentina
(D) Southern British North American colonies
(E) Barbados
Where in the New World did slavery last the longest?
(A) Haiti
(B) Brazil
(C) Cuba
(D) The United States
(E) Mexico
To which location was the greatest number of enslaved Africans
(A) Spanish Mexico
(B) Portuguese Brazil
(C) British North America
(D) Dutch Indonesia
(E) French Saint-Domingue (Haiti)
Which Western power was first to ban its citizens from engaging in the
slave trade?
(A) France
(B) England
(C) United States
(D) Portugal
(E) Spain
54 » 500 AP World History Questions to Know by Test Day
Which Western tradition did the continuation of the Atlantic slave trade
violate most?
(A) Enlightenment
(B) Greco-Roman
(C) Feudal
(D) Mercantilist
(E) Absolutist
The Early Modern Era Discussion Assignment
Which monarchy constructed the largest contiguous land empire in
history, second in size only to the Mongol Empire?
(A) British
(B) Mughal
(C) Russian
(D) French
(E) Qing
In which neighboring region(s) did the Russian Empire gain the most land
during the Romanov dynasty?
(A) Poland
(B) Baltic States
(C) Black Sea region
(D) Siberia and Central Asia
(E) Scandinavia
The shift of the Russian imperial capital to which city indicated a shift in
orientation toward the West under the rule of Peter the Great?
(A) Moscow
(B) Kiev
(C) Vladivostok
(D) St. Petersburg
(E) Belgrade
Which of the following was unique to Russian industrial development in
the czarist period?
(A) Use of serf labor in factories
(B) Application of heavy industry to military uses
(C) Growing urbanization
(D) Increased importance of the mining sector of the economy
(E) Tremendous opportunities for profit making
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