The European Figure in Colonization of the Americas

The European Figure in Colonization of the Americas
The European Figure in Colonization of the Americas
1. When Austria took over Hungary in 1687, the treaty between the two
provided for all of the following EXCEPT
(A) Austria and Hungary would be jointly ruled by the Austrian emperor
(B) Austria would uphold the current Hungarian constitution
(C) Hungary would be ruled by a hereditary Hapsburg monarchy
(D) Hungary would cede the right to rise up against Austrian rule
(E) Austria would guarantee freedom from religious discrimination
to Hungarian Protestants
2. Which was NOT one result of the French victory over Prussia in 1806?
(A) the creation of the Confederation of the Rhine under French
(B) a heavy financial burden of reparation assessed on Prussia
(C) a Franco-Prussian alliance against Russia in the invasion of 1812
(D) an increased sense of national unity among the defeated Germans
(E) the sweeping reorganization of the Prussian government along French
3. Which was NOT one purpose of the “Grand Embassy” undertaken
by Peter the Great and his entourage in 1697–1698?
(A) to investigate the possibility of reuniting the Eastern Orthodox
and Roman Catholic churches
(B) to send Russians abroad for study and training
(C) to recruit able and talented Europeans for service in Russia
(D) to establish permanent Russian embassies in European nations
(E) to acquire Western books and to view Western cultural, artistic,
and scientific achievements
Absolute Monarchy in Early Modern Europe ❮ 37
4. In the period following the Thirty Years’ War, all these factors combined
to keep the Holy Roman Empire weak EXCEPT
(A) the huge drop in the population that resulted from the war
(B) inability to establish colonies in the Americas
(C) legal barriers to efficient or free trade within the empire
(D) the difficulty of much economic growth in any of the numerous
small principalities
(E) linguistic and cultural diversity throughout the empire
Exploration and Colonization from 1492
to the American Revolution
5. Which of the following is NOT a significant European figure
in the colonization of the Americas?
(A) Hernán Cortés
(B) Pedro Menendez de Avilés
(C) Leif Eriksson
(D) Walter Raleigh
(E) John Winthrop
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