The Foundations Of Nursing Practice

The Foundations Of Nursing Practice
The Foundations Of Nursing Practice
1. Which phrase best describes the science of nursing?
a. The skilled application of knowledge
b. The knowledge base for care
c. Hands-on care, such as giving a bath
d. Respect for each individual patient
2. Which nurse in history is credited with establishing
nursing education?
a. Clara Barton
b. Lillian Wald
c. Lavinia Dock
d. Florence Nightingale
3. What historic event in the 20th century led to an
increased emphasis on nursing and broadened the
role of nurses?
a. Religious reform
b. Crimean War
c. World War II
d. Vietnam War
The Foundations Of Nursing Practice
4. Which of the following phrases describes one of the
purposes of the ANA’s Nursing’s Social Policy
a. To describe the nurse as a dependent caregiver
b. To provide standards for nursing educational
c. To regulate nursing research
d. To describe nursing’s values and social
5. A school nurse is teaching a class of junior-high
students about the effects of smoking. This educational
program will meet which of the aims of nursing?
a. Promoting health
b. Preventing illness
c. Restoring health
d. Facilitating coping with disability or death
7. Which nursing organization was the first international
organization of professional women?
a. ICN
b. ANA
c. NLN
8. What is the purpose of the ANA’s Scope and Standards
of Practice?
a. To describe the ethical responsibility of nurses
b. To define the activities that are special and unique to
c. To establish nursing as an independent and freestanding profession
d. To regulate the practice of nursing
The Foundations Of Nursing Practice
9. What type of authority regulates the practice of nursing?
a. International standards and codes
b. Federal guidelines and regulations
c. State nurse practice acts
d. Institutional policies
10. Who are the largest group of healthcare providers in
the United States?
a. Registered nurses
b. Physicians
c. Physical therapists
d. Social workers
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