The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
1. The Tennis-Court Oath led immediately to which of the following?
(A) the end of the famine and food shortages
(B) the imprisonment of the royal family
(C) the legal dissolution of the monarchy
(D) royal agreement to certain civil rights and tax reforms
(E) eligibility for high office based on merit rather than rank
2. The people of Paris stormed the Bastille for all these reasons EXCEPT
(A) they regarded it as a hated symbol of royal oppression
(B) they wanted the weapons that were stored there
(C) they intended to use it as a defensive fort during the uprising
(D) they wanted to take revenge on the officials in charge of it
(E) they did not want to wait any longer for news from Versailles
3. Which best describes the Declaration of the Rights of Man and
of the Citizen?
(A) It describes the form of the future French government in specific
(B) It sets forth specific civil and legal rights and responsibilities
of the people.
(C) It proclaims the end of the monarchy and the beginning
of the republic.
(D) It explains the reasons for the continued uprisings of the people
of Paris.
(E) It confers imperial authority on the First Consul of France.
4. Those who supported a constitutional monarchy rather than a republic
began to change their minds when
(A) the king was caught in an attempted escape from prison
(B) the women of Paris marched on Versailles
(C) the people of Paris stormed the Bastille
(D) the aristocrats began fleeing the country in large numbers
(E) the military indicated its support for the people
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5. On what grounds did the National Convention call for the execution
of Louis XVI?
(A) that he was a traitor to the Revolution
(B) that he was married to an Austrian princess
(C) that he had refused to sign the Declaration of the Rights of Man
and of the Citizen
(D) that before 1789, he had ruled France as an absolute monarch
(E) that he had failed to provide France with a legitimate heir
to the throne
The French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
6. Which best describes the Jacobins and Girondins of the early 1790s?
(A) formally organized, mainstream political parties
(B) groups of radicals who wanted to overthrow the National Convention
(C) informal clubs for deputies and intellectuals who shared a political
(D) military factions who took opposing views of Napoleon
(E) groups of aristocrats scheming to overthrow the Revolution
7. Which of the following is NOT one reason the Directory failed to become
a strong, functional legislature?
(A) Its deputies could not agree on what kind of government was best
for France.
(B) Its deputies were elected or appointed by local assemblies throughout
(C) It tried to eliminate the Catholic Church as a rival to its own
(D) It actively discriminated against members of the former First Estate.
(E) It denied all civil and political rights to members of the former
Second Estate.
8. Which accurately describes the Code Napoleon?
(A) a law code that set forth the basic rights and responsibilities
of the citizens
(B) the reorganization of the civil service
(C) the creation of France’s first public-school system
(D) an agreement with the pope that reestablished the Catholic Church
in France
(E) a declaration that Napoleon was hereditary emperor of the French
for life
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9. During the Napoleonic Wars, Britain first sent troops to mainland Europe
in support of
(A) Austria
(B) the Holy Roman Empire
(C) Italy
(D) Russia
(E) Spain
10. All of the following helped to forge unity between the French aristocracy
and the wealthiest commoners in the pre-Revolutionary years EXCEPT
(A) both were discontented with having no voice in the government
(B) many wealthy commoners attained noble titles by purchase or reward
(C) both were concerned with the preservation and protection of property
(D) wealthy commoners often married aristocrats
(E) both supported major social and political reform
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