The G.I. Bill In ways it changes America

Using resources from the Topic 5 Readings, including material from GCU materials for HIS-144. Chapters 12, 21, and 22. Each answer should be a minimum of 100-200 words per question. Wikipedia,, and other , encyclopedias, or dictionaries are not considered university academic sources and are “NOT TO BE USED”.
Please be advised that I will need a reference page of this assignment.
1. Explain the G.I. Bill. In what ways does it ?2. Why did suburbanization occur after ? What changes dos suburbia bring to ?3. Why is the automobile so important to ?4. Describe gendered spheres in America society before World War II and how they changed after the war.5. What was the role of religion in post-World War II American society?6. Explain the development of youth culture in post war America.

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