The Goal Of The Education System In The 16th century

The Goal Of The Education System In The 16th Century
The Goal Of The Education System In The 16th century
1Some of the world’s most widely read literary works were produced
during the northern Renaissance in which country?
(A) England
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) the Netherlands
2. According to Baldassare Castiglione, the goal of the education system
in the 16th century was to
(A) provide a practical education in construction and commerce
(B) offer the same learning opportunities to boys and girls
(C) phase out the study of the classics in favor of more practical
“career” and technical disciplines
(D) provide a young man with a well-rounded education including
knowledge of the arts, mathematics, and oration skills
3. Considered the greatest scholar of the time, this man is credited with
being the first editor of the New Testament.
(A) Machiavelli
(B) Boccaccio
(C) Erasmus
(D) Petrarch
4. During the 15th and 16th centuries, some female members of the
ruling classes and in wealthy merchant families were afforded an
excellent education which allowed them to showcase their talents in
cultural settings. One Italian noblewoman became the epitome of the
Renaissance woman. She was
(A) Lucrezia Borgia
(B) Caterina Sforza
(C) Isabella d’Este
(D) Sofonisba Anguissola
5. Catherine de Medici, daughter of Lorenzo II de Medici, was married
in 1533 to Henry II of France. Considered a true daughter of the
Renaissance, as Queen of France she is credited with bringing several
aspects of Italian Renaissance culture to the French court, but one of
her achievements listed below is the subject of dispute.
(A) She brought Italian dance to the court which would evolve into
modern ballet.
(B) She patronized painters in the grand manner of the Medici
(C) She influenced the development of traditional French cuisine.
(D) She commissioned several large architectural projects.
The Goal Of The Education System In The 16th century
6. Jeanne d’Arc’s primary goal was to
(A) lift the siege of Orleans
(B) inspire a religious revival
(C) coronate Charles VII and unite France under him
(D) retake Paris from the English
7. Elizabeth I is considered by many to be the greatest monarch in
English history. Her chief advisor for 40 years was
(A) Sir William Cecil
(B) Robert Dudley
(C) Sir Francis Walsingham
(D) Sir Thomas Gresham the Elder
8. Catherine de’ Medici ruled France twice as its regent and was an
advisor to her third son when he took the throne. During this time,
France was embroiled in four civil wars provoked by
(A) the grievances of the peasants
(B) political power struggles caused by the regency
(C) religious conflict
(D) unpopular economic reforms Catherine de’ Medici enacted
9. Which of the following best describes the overall influence the
Renaissance had on the people of Western Europe during the 15th
and 16th centuries?
(A) It was a mass movement that encompassed significant segments
of all social classes.
(B) It was the preserve of the wealthy upper classes that constituted
a small percentage of the population.
(C) Gender discrimination became less noticeable because many
women became prominent in politics, universities, and merchant
(D) The influence of the Renaissance was a factor in leading to
universal education in the 16th century.
The Goal Of The Education System In The 16th century
10. All of the following were reasons why Germany and Flanders were
the center of the northern Renaissance EXCEPT
(A) German banking families were among the wealthiest in Europe
(B) the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks resulted
in a mass exodus of Byzantine scholars to the Holy Roman
Empire and Flanders
(C) the German-speaking world was the center of European
intellectual life during this period
(D) the invention of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in
1450 greatly facilitated the spread of humanist writing
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