The Great Northern War Discussion

The Great Northern War Discussion
The Great Northern War Discussion
1. The most serious problem confronting Poland in the 18th century was
(A) Swedish expansionism after the death of Charles XII
(B) the resurgence of the Ottoman Empire
(C) a weak central government
(D) the Protestant Reformation
2. Prussia was able to expand successfully during the 17th and 18th
centuries because of all of the following EXCEPT
(A) a series of able rulers
(B) the willingness of the nobility to subordinate itself to the crown
(C) a large navy
(D) the creation of an army out of proportion to the size of the state
3. The establishment and growth of St. Petersburg during the 18th
century was part of Peter the Great’s attempt to do which of the
(A) strengthen his alliance with the Baltic states
(B) remake Russian institutions to be as effective as those in
western Europe
(C) discourage Russian expansion farther eastward into Asia
(D) move Russia’s capital out of Kiev away from Poland
The Great Northern War Discussion
4. During the 18th century, Russia expanded in Europe primarily by
gaining territory from
(A) Austria
(B) the Ottoman Empire
(C) Poland
(D) Sweden
5. The nobility of ________________ prevented both absolutism and
parliamentary government, which eventually led to its downfall.
(A) Prussia
(B) Russia
(C) Poland
(D) Austria
6. Sweden’s rise to power in Europe was marked by the end of
(A) the Thirty Years’ War
(B) the Great Northern War
(C) the War of the Spanish Succession
(D) King Charles XII’s death
7. Frederick I (1701−1713) became king of Prussia during the
(A) War of the Spanish Succession
(B) Seven Years’ War
(C) French Revolution
(D) English Civil War
8. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, Ukraine became a focal point in
the struggle between
(A) Russia and Poland
(B) Lithuania and Belarus
(C) Latvia and Russia
(D) Prussia and Poland
9. Peter the Great’s reforms in large measure were determined by
(A) his inner circle of foreign advisors
(B) the needs of the Russian war efforts against the Swedes and
(C) the needs of the Russian Orthodox Church
(D) pressure from Poland
10. Although he was unable to secure the final victory in the Great
Northern War, Charles XII won a great victory at the
(A) Battle of Poltava
(B) Battle of Kursk
(C) Battle of Stockholm
(D) Battle of Narva
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