The Great Powers of Eastern Europe

The Great Powers of Eastern Europe
The Great Powers of Eastern Europe
1. Joseph II of Austria instituted all the following major social reforms
(A) the relaxation of censorship of the press
(B) the expansion of civil rights of non-Catholics
(C) the nationalization of major industries
(D) the administrative reorganization of the Catholic Church
(E) the founding of a system of free public education
2. All of these composers were significant figures in the musical world
of Vienna during the classical era (late 1700s into early 1800s) EXCEPT
(A) Ludwig van Beethoven
(B) Christoph Willibald Gluck
(C) Franz Joseph Haydn
(D) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
(E) Richard Strauss
3. What was the purpose of the Pragmatic Sanction?
(A) to transfer certain territories from Austria to Prussia
(B) to make daughters, as well as sons, eligible to inherit the Austrian
(C) to establish a joint monarchy of Prussia and Austria
(D) to prevent the creation of a unified German nation
(E) to take over strategically important territory from Poland
The Great Powers of Eastern Europe
4. Frederick the Great of Prussia accomplished all of the following during
his reign EXCEPT
(A) sending troops into Silesia and wresting it from the Austrian Empire
(B) making the civil service more effective by insisting on merit-based
(C) developing the army into the most feared and mighty military force
in Europe
(D) making Prussia the dominant nation-state in Europe
(E) leading Prussia to victory over France in the Seven Years’ War
5. Peter the Great established St. Petersburg as Russia’s new capital city
in order to
(A) protect Russia from potential invasion by a Western European power
(B) symbolize his belief that Russia was culturally a Western European
(C) facilitate foreign trade with Western Europe
(D) command the attendance and service of the aristocracy
(E) prove to his subjects that he ruled Russia by divine right
6. Which of the following kingdoms quickly became especially respected
and feared throughout Europe for its military might?
(A) Austria
(B) Bohemia
(C) Hungary
(D) Poland
(E) Prussia
7. Joseph II’s program of social reform was highly unpopular with which
of the following?
(A) the wealthy merchants
(B) the artisans
(C) the students and intellectuals
(D) the liberals
(E) the conservatives
Absolute Monarchy in Early Modern Europe ❮ 31
32 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 European History Questions
8. The reign of Catherine the Great of Russia oversaw all the following
(A) the reunion of the Old Believers with the mainstream Eastern
Orthodox Church
(B) the securing of Russian access to the Black Sea and the Dardanelles
(C) the social elevation of the nobility in exchange for their virtual
abandonment of political influence
(D) reorganization of the provincial governments in response to a major
peasant rebellion
(E) support for the arts and sciences and higher education, including
women’s education
The Great Powers of Eastern Europe
9. Prussia’s 1772 acquisition of Polish territory on the Baltic, which it named
West Prussia, was important because
(A) it enlarged Prussia to nearly twice its previous size
(B) it gave Prussia a geographical base from which to attack Sweden
(C) it provided Prussia with access to the Baltic Sea
(D) the new land was rich in natural resources that Prussia lacked
(E) it made the kingdom of Prussia into one contiguous land mass
10. From 1640 through the 18th century, the ruling Hohenzollern family took
all the following steps to make Prussia a modern nation-state EXCEPT
(A) building up the army in size, strength, and expertise
(B) pacifying the nobility by giving its most able men responsible
government posts
(C) making the civil service increasingly more efficient
(D) uniting all territories inherited by the family under the king’s control
(E) establishing a strong legislature and working together to write
a national constitution
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