The Greatest Effect on The Balance Of Power in Europe

The Greatest Effect on The Balance Of Power in Europe
The Greatest Effect on The Balance Of Power in Europe
1. Peter the Great was determined to westernize Russia for all these reasons
(A) so that it would be recognized by others as a major European power
(B) so that it would prosper economically
(C) so that it could expand its borders to the east
(D) so that its army and navy could compete with the enemy in war
(E) so that it would take its cultural, literary, and artistic place among
the nations of Europe
2. Empress Maria Theresa of Austria oversaw all the following major reforms
(A) a thorough centralization of the bureaucracy, following the Prussian
(B) promotion to high official positions according to merit rather than
(C) reduction of the peasants’ financial and service obligations to the
wealthy estate owners
(D) the passage of laws giving equal protection to all religious groups
within the empire
(E) the secularization and reform of the system of higher education
3. Which of the following had the greatest effect on the balance of power
in Europe in the mid-1700s?
(A) Prussia’s swift rise to power
(B) Russia’s expansion into the west
(C) the three partitions of Poland
(D) Spain’s colonial expansion in the Americas
(E) Britain’s colonial expansion in the Americas
4. Stepan “Stenka” Razin is a significant figure in 17th-century Russian
history for
(A) leading a major popular uprising against landowners and state
(B) engineering the passage of a new criminal and civil law code
(C) orchestrating a schism in the Eastern Orthodox Church
(D) being executed by the czar for being a leader of the Old Believers
(E) leading successful military campaigns against Sweden and Poland
36 ❯ McGraw-Hill’s 500 European History Questions
5. What did Austria gain as a result of the Silesian Wars?
(A) Prussian territory
(B) reparations from Prussia
(C) an alliance with Prussia
(D) complete independence from the Holy Roman Empire
(E) Prussian recognition of Hapsburg authority in Austria
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