The Hotel And Catering Industry Discussion

The Hotel And Catering Industry Discussion
The Hotel And Catering Industry Discussion
1 The majority of hotels in the United Kingdom
a up to 10 bedrooms
b between 10 and 120 bedrooms
c between 121 and 300 bedrooms
d more than 300 bedrooms
2 The person who calls out the orders in a
kitchen is known as the
a chef de reception
b aboyeur
c garde-manger
d chef de rang
Le trancheur is the name of the
a trolley used for carving hot joints in the
b chef who carves at the buffet
c person who fillets fish in the larder
d stand for supporting decorated hams
4 Le chef d’étage is a
a breakfast cook
b preparer of hors d’oeuvres
c station head waiter
d floor waiter
The Hotel And Catering Industry Discussion
5 The duty of a Sommelier is to serve
a alcoholic beverages only
b only wines, liqueurs, brandies and cigars
c cigars and all alcoholic and non-alcoholic
drinks, except teas and coffees
d only alcoholic and non-alcoholoic drinks,
except teas and coffees
6 Which is the correct order of seniority in a
1 Chef de rang
Commis de rang
Head Waiter
Station Head Waiter
3, 54,2
FR 2 AWh
7 The function of an ‘off board’ is to inform
the waiters
a when their days off are
b which tables are not in use
c which dishes are to be served from the
d which dishes on the menu are unavailable
8 Which of the following methods of service
would be used when operating a call order
a plate
b family
c French
d buffet
Which of the following types of service
involves the customers helping themselves
from a flat held by the waiter?
a English
b family
d platter
The Hotel And Catering Industry Discussion
Family service is where the customer
a is served by the host from dishes at the
b carves his own hot joint at the buffet
c is served with the whole main course on a
d helps himself from dishes placed on the
One feature of a Table d’héte menu is that
a it is priced according to the number of
courses eaten
b each dish is individually priced
c the main course price includes a starter
and sweet course
d there is a fixed price for the whole meal
The main criteria of an a la carte menu are
that the dishes are
a cooked to order and individually priced
b specialities of the house served on the call
order system
c cooked to order and priced on an inclusive
d prepared in advanced and individually priced
The heating medium used in a ganymede
system is
a boiling water
b a heated tray
c methylated spirit
d a heated metal disc
The Helitherm food service system is most
suitable for catering for
a industrial staff
b hospital patients
c hotel room service customers
d self-catering holidaymakers
If a customer complains about the price of a
dish the waiter should
a explain that the price is due to expensive
b inform the restaurant manager
c make a reduction on the bill
d tell the customer to complain to the
The correct way for a waiter to address a boy
customer who is 10 years old is
a Mister
b boy
e Sir
d notitle
The burnishing machine is used to polish
items made from
a copper
b solid silver
c silver plate
d stainless steel
Polivit plate is correctly described as
a equipment made from stainless steel
plated with silver
b perforated aluminium sheeting
c reinforced bone china
d the heated pellet used in the Ganymede
The most suitable method of cleaning a
polished wooden sideboard is by using
a gumption, finishing with polish
b soapy water, finishing with hot water
c white spirit finishing with beeswax
d vinegar and water finishing with polish
Stainless steel cutlery should be cleaned by
a using a burnishing machine
b using a silver dip
c washing in very hot soapy water
d washing in very hot water containing
vinegar or lemon juice
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