The human factor of lack of teamwork

of teamwork as a to impact on interprofessional collaboration and .
INSTRUCTIONS:You will be analysing the human factor of lack of teamwork in relation to patient safety and interprofessional interactions.
A successful analysis should:
Highlight the key issues
Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and understanding
Relate the theory to practiceWill into relevant aspects and offer judgements on the quality of evidence
Will use an extensive number of sources to support arguments , atleast 30 sources.
The work should include an introduction which clearly explains the of the title and outlines the specific areas that will be analysed giving relevant reasons for their inclusion. The introduction should be approximately 200 words.
The majority of the word count should be used in analysing the chosen issues and carefully relating it to the impact of human factors in interprofessional collaboration and service user safety.
The final approx. 200 words should be used to draw a concise conclusion. This should clearly relate to the aspects analysed and highlight the important points. The conclusion should include some consideration of the impact of what has been learnt for future practice as a registered practitioner.

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