The Key Ways to Promote Our Business

The Key Ways to Promote Our Business
The Key Ways to Promote Our Business
Q10 What are the 7 key ways to promote our business?
The 7 key ways to promote your business are:
1. Presence.
2. Participation.
3. Direct to desk.
4. Sales team.
5. Dialogue.
6. Media relations
7. Paid-for promotion.
It is estimated that the average American sees at least 3,000 advertising messages a day. We estimate the
average European’s daily exposure to advertising messages to be at least 1,000. Presence is about your business
getting noticed in a world where there is a constant visual battle. Ways to achieve presence include: ‘ambient’
marketing, literature, sponsorship, sales promotion, websites and online.
Participation is getting involved: from events outside your business, to public events hosted by a third party and
those inside your business that you have organized.
Direct to desk is sending something from your business so that it lands on the individual’s desk. The aim is to
bypass any gatekeeper and get straight to the target. When the communication arrives, it should capture their
attention and result in action.
People buy from people. The ideal sales team includes your own staff, favorite clients who generate referrals
and other contacts or networking buddies.
Dialogue is communicating with your clients, establishing a two-way conversation and getting feedback. This
includes blogs, podcasts and networking.
Media Relations is a planned and consistent effort to establish and maintain contact between an organization
and its target audience.
We used to talk about advertising, but this has changed and we now think of ‘paid-for promotion’, whether
offline advertising in magazines or online using Google AdWords and other directories.
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